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PAX Australia 2014

PAX Australia Countdown

CIG will be attending…..

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Erin Roberts – SQ42 interview @ PAX

From geekdomo….

Live simulcast recording of Erin Roberts covering some Q&A at PAX East!  

Working on Squadron 42, Dogfighting and the Capital Ship system.
1:07 Rank you get by pledging does that have an impact for Squadron 42 or the Persistent Universe? No.
Lead into Sq42/PU achievements and how that interacts with the Persistent Universe and Death of a Spaceman
3:56 NPC have unlimited ammo? No, same rules as players.
4:25 Boarding small ships? Probably end up blown up. But can probably steal. Ramifications, declared pirate.
Lead into Reputation is based on what people know, rather than what you did. Information travels at “speed”. Mechanics of clearing your name.
7:32 Production progress, modules, and balance
8:44 Confirming p...

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