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Citizen Star News Article

Citizen Star News

The news networks in the verse are all starting to fire up and keeping their avid readers filled to the brim with breaking news is a full time job.
The Convoy featured in an article published today from CSN (Citizen Star News), here’s the link to The Convoy™ Interview.
Thanks goes to Crusty Collins from CSN for taking the time to track us down in the middle of a long haul of Self-sealing stem bolts to no where special……

You have to ask how CSN beat IGNN to the punch with our first published interview………

(Citizen Star News /Crusty Collins) – 2014-06-25 – They are 700+ members strong, they probably have the biggest combined cargo tonnage in the ‘verse and they are build on a ‘we get the job done’ claim.

We are talking about the haulers of The Convoy™, one of the bigger organizations in St...

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Michael “Viewmaster” Morlan – GALACTIC INQUIRY

We all know Mike Morlan from Star Citizen, or at least we used to.

He moved on from C.I.G when Wingmans Hanger got wound down and Around The Verse moved to L.A.

Mike is doing a brand new show called GALACTIC INQUIRY which he is funding right now on Patreon.

Subscribe to Galactic Inquiry on Patreon Galactic Inquiry Website

I hope CONVOY members will help support Viewmaster in getting this new show off the ground, he did great work in WMH and no doubt Galactic Inquiry will have similar production values.

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