The Work Continues

Well it’s all slowly coming together.
Teamspeak has had some more work done to the permission system and Channel Commander is functional now.

Website has had About Usand Affiliates page added.
Teamspeak Server tracking has been added to the main webpage.
Links have been added to all the relevant Convoy sites.

Forums have continued to be fleshed out as well as further changes to the Theme & Style.
Custom links have been added for easy navigation back to RSI & this webpage as well as Direct Teamspeak links.
The Forums have also had Ajax Chat added to it with permissions taken from the Forum permission system.
Forums have had an Adults only area added to it which you will need to opt in for, if you see something you don’t like after you have opted in… were warned 😉

Other than that I have been lazy and not done a thing……

A Space Janitor’s work is never done…..


Mark / Morphe