DFM update 30th May

DFM Delay 30th May

DFM update is still in a No-Go state, but the big news is that that the programmers think they have squashed all of the bugs.
All that remains is for the testers to give everything a run through and thorough workout.

RSI Original Story


The Following Items have been the main priority – pending testing they are all RESOLVED


  • Vanduul Swarm – Display drivers can crash when Vanduul spawn or blow up
  • Lag in feedback and update of essential game events resulting in increasingly divergent multiplayer sync


  • Battle Royale (Crash) – While Flying (Shader)
  • Camera – After respawn character is stuck looking up
  • Vanduul Swarm (Crash) – Shortly after missile lock
  • All Maps – Occasionally, when first spawning into the maps lasers and ballistic fire is invisible but can be heard when firing – they eventually appear
  • Crash on exit after returning from DFM match
  • Character is unable to exit DFM Aurora bed if helmet is on
  • Gforce animations are not playing on the pilot in any of the ships
  • Character and parts of cockpit interior vanish while accelerating


As before The Convoy is ready to roll out as soon as it’s ready.