Star Traders 2 RPG

OK, I know you all love space games, it’s why we all backed Star Citizen.
We love Star Citizen because it’s got a stack of things we wish we had in other games, not least of which are some great core mechanics, some old school love & passion for the genre.

The original Star Traders RPG creators Andrew & Corey Trese share with Star Citizen’s creator some of gamings most precious virtues, love of the Genre, dedication to establishing great core mechanics and never ever forgetting that fun is why we are here.
Star Traders RPG Elite (The Original)is a few years old now and has been epically fun, made even better by the constant love from Andrew and Corey Trese since it’s release.
Star Traders 2 RPG looks to make things even bigger, brighter, broader & importantly just as EPIC.

For any of you who love the grand old Turn Based RPG games of the past then take a look at Kickstarter and get on board with Star Trader 2 RPG

Captain a ship, hand-pick a crew, and roam freely through a complex universe with freedom of choice in your goals, morality, and career