Erin Roberts – SQ42 interview @ PAX

From geekdomo….

Live simulcast recording of Erin Roberts covering some Q&A at PAX East!  

Working on Squadron 42, Dogfighting and the Capital Ship system.
1:07 Rank you get by pledging does that have an impact for Squadron 42 or the Persistent Universe? No.
Lead into Sq42/PU achievements and how that interacts with the Persistent Universe and Death of a Spaceman
3:56 NPC have unlimited ammo? No, same rules as players.
4:25 Boarding small ships? Probably end up blown up. But can probably steal. Ramifications, declared pirate.
Lead into Reputation is based on what people know, rather than what you did. Information travels at “speed”. Mechanics of clearing your name.
7:32 Production progress, modules, and balance
8:44 Confirming phased deployment for DFM. Starting possibly within the next few weeks.
10:32 Target date for Squadron 42, first 10 mission pack towards the beginning of next year. Length is estimated to be 5 packs of 10 Missions.
11:28 Crew limits on multi-crew ships, passengers. Lots of discussion about instance caps and Capital ship mechanics. “Idris crewed by 8 guys or so forth?”
14:03 Can I replay Sq42 with a descendant. Replays do not give additional medals to the character (or account?)
15:00 Who picked on who when you growing up?
15:52 Will battle instances be spatially dynamic or spatially static? Sounds like spacially static to me, but Erin didn’t seem to really understand the question. Lead to dynamic events, artifacts, resources and such.
19:15 Retaliator. Reworked. Changed were the torpedo bays are the Interior.
20:00 PBR going great. Still hangar work to do.
20:45 Additional Single Player after PU. After the 50 missions, there will be later mission packs. Big war breaks out that we may want to reenlist for!?
22:15 Crew’s descendants hunt me down if the die in a mission? Doesn’t sound like NPCs will but PCs might.
Lead into discussion of development model and quality and interaction with the community.
27:42 Does the Idris have an internal defense besides the Marines (My question! – Ed.) Some great discussion of how the capitals and boarding works. Electronics Warfare, hacking ship’s systems. Hacking someone’s ship to take down shields just before a torpedo hits? Very controversial comment. VOIP, to the point of when you are talking to someone they hear it from your avatar standing next to you.