Star Citizen – The Convoy™

The Convoy™ now Live

STAR CITIZEN – join us now

The Convoy is one of the top 15 Organisations by member count in just it’s first two weeks of operation.

Over 10,000 organisations have now been created from a global community, we are in the top 15.

All Legion members are invited to join with us and help continue to climb the ladder.

The Convoy™ as an Organisation will have it’s core business in Mass Haulage, trade and transport.

We aim to corner the market with the largest fleet to date of heavy haulers, own the economy, own the game.

Haulers and Traders may be our bread and butter, but Escort Captains and Fighter jocks are always needed.

If your scrapping for a fight in the Star Citizen Universe, then look no further.

The Convoy™

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