Team Speak 3 & a Teamspeak Convoy Dark Theme

It’s UP

Our Very own TeamSpeak 3 Server is ALIVE!
We are just waiting of a 500 man Licence from Teamspeak and then it will be fully ready for you guys to storm in and play the DFM

Grab Teamspeak “HERE” if you haven’t already got it.

If you already have TS installed then you can just click this to add a “The Convoy” Bookmark to your Teamspeak client.

The Theme…..It’s DARK

Some of you don’t like the Bright White look of the Default TS – so here is an option.


It Looks Something like the image below
Dark Legion TS3 Theme

Hope you like it


Mark / Morphe


We have found that some users are having difficulty with Chrome Browser.
If you are using Chrome and nothing happens when you click the link here is a possible solution.
Close Chrome (perhaps open this page in Firefox
Go to: C:\Users\*user*\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data           REPLACE  *user*  with whatever username you are logged in with.
Open ''Local State'' in a text editor like notepad++
Press 'Ctrl F' and search for 'ts3server": true,
Set the line to "ts3server": false,

If the line doesn't exist then please add          "ts3server": false,
It should be under the heading                     "excluded_schemes": {
Save the File.
Open Chrome and try again.