Star Citizen Hangar release


Our First in Engine look.

For those of you who have already pledged for Star Citizen , you may know that the 1st Pre Alpha iteration is about to be released.
The game is still 18 months away, and the hangar module will be our first taste of what our ships will look like in engine.
Countdown for the Hangar Module release time is below.

The Smallest Hangar is the Basic Hangar, for ships like the Aurora, with a Business & Deluxe hanger also being released in this iteration for ships like the 300i or the Constellation.
The Asteroid Hangar was mentioned in this weeks Wingmans Hangar for the as yes unreleased Corsair Pirate ship.
Nobody knows what the fifth and final hangar will be, perhaps something for the largest of the player own-able ships like the Startfarer Tanker or the Idr...

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Star Citizen 300i Chrome Theme

To Celebrate the 300 reveal I have created a Chrome Theme and made up a Dual Monitor Desktop Wallpaper

Star Citizen 300i

See you in the Verse…

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Wingman’s Hangar Episode 003

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Wingman’s Hangar Episode 002

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Wingman’s Hangar Episode 001

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